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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 15, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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need to know before you shop. >> welcome to "good day" philadelphia, straight up 7:00. on this wednesday morning. the face of bravery, that's a good way of putting, how to describe our intern here, patience carter, here if the philadelphia inquirer. the only good thing about this whole story is that now the whole country i guess parts of the world, what a special woman she is, only 20 years old, well on her way, washington post same picture, los angeles times, same picture. palm beach out of florida, pioneer press has similar picture, and of course, our paper here. >> even though they keep showing her crying, i mean, she did the whole press conference very, very composed, started off with a poem, talk about her experience, and it wasn't until the wendt she just let go. >> yes. >> started crying. >> y? one who was with us in west philadelphia, for our good day
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drive couple of week ago, you'll recognize her, she was right by our side during the whole entire day. >> with us in ocean sit, as well. >> all right, let's get to quick weather and traffic. expect sunshine to start, eight, temperatures in the 50's, 60s, few clouds, filtered sunshine we call it, short sleeve shirt is okay. we don't see the rain around the baltimore washington area headed into hours, but keep an eye on it, we see the sunshine at the airport in six had degrees, to get you started, our high temperature later on will be 82, with increasing clouds, and the sun doesn't set until 8:31, so, lots of time to enjoy the weather outside. we will tell you about the rain on the way coming up. here to tell but traffic, problems, to return, bob kelly. >> sue, thanks so much. 7:01, thanks for covering the case for us here, live look, at the schuylkill expressway.
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eastbound, what's left of an overturned vehicle, here, this is as soon as you come out of the toll plaza, and starting to east headed eats on the schuylkill, right there, before you get to that overhead railroad bridge accident in the left lane, slow going eastbound, you got the sun glare at conshy, earlier accident eastbound schuylkill at girard avenue. here is a live look, at an accident on the southbound side of the 42 freeway, but it looks like it is attracting more attention for folks coming toward our camera, which is northbound, head in the toward the city. 101 trial using shuttle buses all this week between orange and providence, also, running with delays, on the route 11 and 12 trolley this morning. about half hour south on 95, and about 20 minute trip because that far crash, on the freeway, in south jersey. mike and alex back over to
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you. >> 7:03 almost. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of orlando this morning. >> two year old boy, just, yes, just two, pulled into a lagoon at walt disney world after alligator attack him. a press conference just wrapped up about 20 minutes ago lauren johnson spent working there, orange county offers calling this search and rescue. >> absolutely right. they've not given up hope to find this little boy, say they pulled out four geathers since last night, to be tested and analyzed, those geathers, will have to be euthanized and simply cut them open, see what evidence they can fine. fifty man search team combed the waters overnight with no luck, this morning, fresh eyes coming to give the area a fresh look with more equipment. and additional sonar boat headed out on the water this morning, and they believe the crews will have luck in the daylight hour to help with the
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is her. >> righten early searches of this. at this particular point in time we're not focused on, you know, much of the outcome going to be, right now all we are doing is searching hopefully for little boy to bring a family some comfort. not talking about what may happen down the road. we are focusing on the here, the now, the today. that's where we are right now. not going any further from that. you know how a father who witnesses this, right, he sees this, you know how father must have felt. i have two children. three children, i'm just trying, i cannot come to grips what it must have been like to be in that situation. >> search stander dollars around 9:00 last night, family of five from nebraska, sitting near the lagoon, two year old 1 foot into the water when snatched away by the gator, the father tried to get in the water to get the boy but was un success fum. the grand floridian on disney property, and officials say they're so surprised the area, where this happened, just behind the hotel, near a pool
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in a man-made beach area a lot of families will sit out and gather in the area so they can get a good look at the nightly fireworks show that happens on that property, so that's what we believe sort of happened. you can see from this google image. >> huge. >> that 7 feet lagoon feeds into canal, lakes in the area, feed into that area a lot. so, it is not surprising that a gator could have been in that water. more surprise that it came up on the shore so close where they have the pools and families and lot of action, you know, always happening over there. >> lauren, since you lived and work in orlando for six years, had you done any stories on alligator properties in the lagoons? >> no, not on private properties. this is real a rare occurrence for something like this to happen. they don't think a gator had snatched a young kid, as young as two years old, before ever. you know, on disney property. so the weird thing is that the signs that were posted only say no swimming. and not warning alligators. because living in florida nip
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where you go where you see body of water your first thought, usually signs are posted beware, alligators, no signs in that area. which may have made the family feel like maybe we should still feel further back if you know gators roaming in the area. already pulled four out so far. >> obviously there are gators in that lagoon, already pulled four out in the last ten hours. >> maybe though thought because the child wasn't completely in the water just standing in it, it wasn't swimming it might be okay. >> some people on twitter lauren, buena vista, you know that resort, as well, they say that they do have signs that say no swimming and no wading. now we look on google images that far lagoon area around the grand floridian, now, again, of course not the family from last night, was taken during the day probably taken year ago, but you can see in a signs says no swimming, i don't see anything about no wading but certainly that is on the property there. >> yes. it is hard to say though, because in so many bodies of
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water in florida you can get close, and you know not to get in it because you can't swim. so you don't know you will expect, there are gators there, if you are not from the area, see look at this picture, mike, alex, even more zoomed out photo we can probably bring you later, there are a the love bodies of water on the disney property feeding into that lake there, the seven seas. >> national habitat. >> yes. >> a lot of times we have many reports of alligators on golf courses, in florida, that happens quite a bit. >> we've shown one just couple of weeks ago. >> we'll show it again in just a little bit. lauren, thank you. 7:07. lots following other breaking news, five people shot in wilmington, delaware overnight. >> they say it happened along elm and south van buren street in wilmington. let's get to steve keeley. what, the third shooting indent since last week? >> five days. there is steve. >> look at the video, show you the video on the far right. see one of the evidence markers number 16. rare is it that we've see an evidence marker three digits
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above the numeral scale than youngest victim, 13, the youngest of the five shot. wilmington now seeing summer of shooting, this one neighborhood is called hedge ville. seven people shot there in the past four days, teenage boy shot friday in the stomach. monday a young man shot in the shoulder. on the same street, where two of the five victims last night were found, the only positive to pull out of all of this none were killed, all seven shot are stable, and police doing what they can to make the neighborhood stable. they shutdown and closed off many of the streets around hedge ville, and alex, mike, no one has been complaining to us that we've met so far about the street being shutdown, as they hope police can finally clamp down on all of the shoot interesting before somebody else get shot or worse, killed. >> for sure. 7:08. >> we are hearing now from patience carter, survivor of the orlando shooting who is intern here at fox 29. she spoke yesterday at a press conference talking about what happened that tragic night at the pulse night club. >> the man there, wheeling in, also from philadelphia, dave,
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what else do you know? >> reporter: we know we've gotten so much more in terms of an account from what happened here in this horrible situation, we know that patience went back in for a friend after originally getting out, now recalling that nightmare that unfolded that the orlando night spot. and she said that she heard the killer say something haunting, the 20 year old, wheeled into an auditorium by medical staff to speak with reporters, she is recovering from a bullet to the leg, patience says she was on variation with friend, had the time of their lives until everything turned into hell, held hostage for three hours, gunfire and death all around her, and even more shocking, she says, she heard the shooter say something chilling stating a reason for the carnage. >> to hear him talking to 911 saying that the reason why he is doing this is because he want america to stop bombing his country. and from that conversation, from 911, he pledges allegiance to isis.
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and he started speaking in auric, after he got off the phone with 911, he started speaking in arabic. >> meantime this is her friend, 18 year old akira murray pictured at west catholic prep graduation just last week. she was the youngest of the victims to die. patience says that she also believes the killer was talking to someone else, and that other people had to be involved, and of course we've been griped by every word she said in the press conference, even wrote a poem about feeling guilt for surviving whether so many died. >> touching poem. also, we've been talking g to her since this happened, and she has made very letter she wanted to memorialize acure, a also talk about acure a didn't want to focus on her, the fact that she start off with a poem about what happened, mentioned akira and everything. >> yes, she said this is how she heals, her, too, how she seems by writing, you can only imagine that process. >> i didn't know she was such
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a writer. she is pretty good. >> beautiful poem. >> we continue with this story, turning attention now to not this woman. >> the ex-wife. >> but the current wife of omar mateen. there is indication, doug luzader, that she new this was about to happen. >> that's right. and, so, investigators are trying to determine exactly how much she new about this. whether she new the full extent of the teen's plans, and whether she actually assisted him in caring them out. depending on the level of involvement here. this could result in some pretty serious criminal charges. >> omar's wife has barely been seen but did return to the couple role apartment briefly. reports one federal source indicate she could be charged as accessary to 49 counts of
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murder, depending on what she new about the attack. the department of home line security chief jay johnson was asked about her role. >> what i have said publicly numerous times, which i think bears repeating is that correct when someone self radicalize z there is almost always someone close to that individual who sees the signs. >> and beyond the shear tomb human toll, difficult to materialize, did claim allegiance to the islamic state. yesterday president obama pushed for more gun control, and angrily defended his administration's terror policy against critics specially donald trump, who say the president has refused to even use the phrase radical islam. >> what exactly would using this label accomplish? what exactly would it change? would it mace isil less commit in the not once has an advisor every mine said man if we really use that phrase, we're going to turn this whole thing around. >> i watch president obama
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today, and he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter. that's the kinds of anger he should have for the shooter and these kill that's shouldn't be here. >> so this is all obviously spilling out on the campaign trail. meantime as far as the investigation is concerned, federal investigators have mateen's cell phone, they're going through it to in the just determine with whom he had been in contact with recent days, but also, using location data to kind of retrace his steps before the attack. mike anal next. >> donald trump does know that this mateen creep was born in the same borough of new york as donald trump, right? >> yes, i think the argument, not making the argument for donald trump, what he is saying is the family had i am great dollars here from afghanistan. i believe. >> his parents. >> yes. >> that's what he's driving at, okay. >> thank up, doug. >> see you tomorrow. >> 7:13. a commercial building burned for hours overnight in
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lansdale. it started around 11:30 last night the intersection of miff he will avenue and west fifth street. fire moved to up two alarms before midnight at this point there is no word on what caused it, or if anyone was hurt in the fire. >> this morning hearing scheduled for the juveniles charge in the connection with the death of delaware high school student amy joyner francis. police say 16 year old amy joyner fan cyst was beaten and killed inside school bathroom in the howard high school of technology back in april. incident over boy, two teens charged with third agree criminal conspiracy and they will be tried as juveniles. they could face to up one year behind bars, another young lady facing homicide charges and she is expected to be charged as an adult. >> so the woman who philadelphia police found handcuffed and murdered yesterday about this time in fairmount park, has now been identified, a couple of on their way to work spotted the body, yes, it was around 8:00 yesterday morning, off the 5300 block of george's avenue. investigators have identified this woman as 26 year old toy
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bryant, from chester, say she had been in a struggle and could have been tortured before she was kill, again, she was handcuffed. police say they've notified her family of course atlantic city official say it will be tomorrow at the earliest before the former revel casino resort can get permission to reopen, city says it in the issue a certificate of occupancy to owner glenn straub, elevator inspections will begin today instead. straub insisted yesterday that 900 hotel rooms, handful of a.m. ten tis former revel would be open today, but the opening will be delayed until inspections couldn't pleaded, permit granted. >> jury in the corruption trial of representative chaka fattah will soon get the case probably in about two, four hours. closing arguments wrapped up yesterday, and the judge will instruct the jurors this morning before they begin deliberations, over the past two days defense lawyers have argued the government being
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cherry pick evidence to smear chaka fattah and other. prosecutors say fattah used illegal $1 million, 2007 campaign loan for his failed race for the mayor of this city. >> 7:16. phillies call up minor league pitcher for first game in the minor -- major league games with the blue jays, thins didn't go as planned. zach's day ended in the thirds inning with a grand-slam. get this, his par lent watching. i'm sure, ya. >> by the end of the game, the score was 11 to three. he only lasted couple of innings, and you know what, it was his first game, and for a first gamer, eight runs scored against him was the most for a first gamer. >> oh,. >> in 90 years. >> can you imagine what that feels like? >> oh, his mom and dad, right there. >> in a national game.
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what are his parent say? well you tried. >> i'll get another shot. i this he we play the blue jays again back here, what do they call it? away? i don't know what they call it. >> home at home. >> home and away. home at home. whatever it is. playing here today, this afternoon, this evening make it, tomorrow morning. clock 17. all right, a delaware man accused of throwing a beer bottle near phillies first baseman ryan, appeared in court. he is young. >> his name sydney smith. he was cited for disorders errly conduct after the june 4th incident. when you say he is young, yes, 21 years old, now must complete a class next month pay $200 fine his record would then be expunged. >> anger management class or -- >> don't throw bottles classes? what kind of a class is this. >> how to be a good sport maybe? >> where do they have those class, sue, coy use one. >> sport man ship classes. >> weirdo university. >> wu. >> wu. all right, we are looking at
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some weird clouds that are going on throughout the area. but no rain, not that far away, it is raining in washington, d.c., and in the western suburbs of baltimore this morning. but we don't see that rain getting into our area. we don't think. so we'll keep an eye on it, there is your phillies forecast for tonight. i think kind of cloudy but should be dry. 78 degrees, a comfortable night at the ballpark tonight, first pitch is at 7:05. so a look at the temperatures throughout the area, 464 degrees in philadelphia, still in the 50's to the north of us, and in millville, new jersey, but up to 62 degrees, at atlantic city international. just light breezes out there, coming now out of the southwest, which means it, may and smidge more humid today, than it was the past couple of days. but still, pretty nice, we stay dry throughout the rest of your wednesday. oh, here comes some rain for tomorrow morning. right around this time it,
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could be heavy downpours through the area, scattered showers through the rest of the day hopefully not sneaking into friday morning because we've got our live broadcast from northeast philadelphia then. there is 82 degrees for today, 75 with the showers tomorrow. 79 degrees, as the sun re emerges friday. saturday, sunday, still looking good. specially fathers day, with the high of 84 degrees. your shore temperatures going through the week mid 70s, right along the beach. some kids are still in school. but the folks who are lucky enough to be at the shore, pretty nice weather, right bob kelly? >> it was beautiful over the weekend, good morning, everybody, 7:19. not beautiful right now though on i95. we have a tractor-trailer fire, fully engulfed here, northbound lanes of 95, if you look closely, through the radio antenna towers here, you can see, the smoke. now, this is a combination of accident and fire, northbound lanes of i-95, are closed at
7:20 am
girard avenue. it is right there in the middle of that girard avenue construction zone, and it is just north of the actual off ramp for girard. so what we are looking at here, this is a live look of 995, bumper to bumper center city and quickly stacking upment looks like one of the prison buses here, two involved, not involved but stuck in the delay, usually run the buses back and forth through the northeast, but northbound lanes of 95, bumper to bumper, at a stand still from, say, center city all the way up to girard. now, can you get off at girard. that puts you right there in front of the sugarhouse casino, but tough part you have to work your way through the construction zone. my bet is that they're going to bring the firefighters, the opposite way, on 95, because, again, there is no shoulder and traffic gridlocked in both directions with the accident
7:21 am
at 95 at girard, back to you. >> another mess. >> coming up on clock 21. millions and millions and growing. the orlando go fun me campaign for the victims of night club shooting last weekend, is not setting a record, you won't believe how much money has been donated so far. >> good. plus, serious violations found at a whole foods plant. and you could really be affected. i'm talking about food expose today leaky pipes and more disturbing details, what you need to know before go shopping today.
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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>> every other daybreaking news out of france, here we go again, according to french official police have been alert that small extremist groups could be en route to france. >> we will keep you updated as more information becomes available. as you know there has been quite a link over the years between belgium and france, terrorists coming from belgium into france to do attacks
7:25 am
including the 200 people killed, that night club bombing in harris they originate in the brussels, belgium as you know. >> yes. >> clock 25th. >> well the go fund me account set up for and lan tomas kerr victims. >> what are we talking about, millions and millions and millions? >> about 4.2 million. >> wow. >> and counting, more than 09,000 people looking at this massacre in orlando and saying what can we do to help. snow is a record for go fund me. it has been set up by the quality florida organization. all of the donations will go to the victims and their families, they're saying it will take about seven months obviously some money going out ahead of them, about but about seven months, doing the addition buying cents it will be the national center for victims of crimes. >> okay. >> nice, everyone coming together like that. >> and we're not even a week in here. this could double and triple. let's hope so. all right, weaver a lot of
7:26 am
whole foods stores in our area, what is going on with leaky pipes up there in massachusetts? >> oh, whole foods crit criticized for whole paycheck, now big problem on their hands once again, in massachusetts, they operate this plant, basically makes a lot of the ready to eat items, if he tow, mushroom case dill a, ship up and down the north eat, right, whole foods that you shop at getting thee items. the fda sending a warning letter to whole foods about serious violations, item like leaky pipes condemn sayings column willing down from the ceiling near the food not sanitary conditions, right where the work remembers making the food. stuff like that. whole foods say we addressed it all of these issues when you first warned us, but fda said address them again and do so by the end of the month. >> lauren, i know you are starting your family, snow a girl, little baby, well --
7:27 am
>> eight months. >> baby girl, so i have a plan for to you reduce your costs, so many new yorkers are coming to philadelphia to live and then you just take the train, commute back and forth. >> you know i thought about that because traffic is a nightmare here it, could take awe hour just to get across town. >> right. >> so takes about an hour and ten on the a sell, a sit there, read the paperment i'll give you some stat after the break. on? so hang around analyst glenn are you recruiting me? >> yes. >> are you rue cute g me mike? >> we would like to have you here in fill. >> i so i'll give you though stat after the break. the cots of living here in philadelphia versus manhattan, that's why so many new yorkers are invading our city. want tow to see the stat after the break? >> i would like to. >> all that at thisly snore i, little different than that, guys, the question is which group of people refuses to live in philadelphia? despite the astronomical prices in new york sit, plus, part of the debate wawa versus
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sheep. which one is the winner? it will surprise you. do you like wawa? or do you like sheep? text us.
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>> we have some breaking news out of steve keeley story in wilmington, delaware, steve, what do you have? >> okay, we will do it for him here. no words on the motive here.
7:31 am
let me go back, see what we actually is that steve just let us know about. apparently they have somebody here. by the way there is happened, five people shot, couple of them teen aim ers near al em and south buyer end street. two teens, two other just 12 and 13 years old. , that would make 14 already. luckily all just had minor injuries, have been treated here we go. thirty-seven year old man, has minor injuries, as well. no word on a motive at this time. and officials are still searching for who may be responsible. >> so bringing you more information, big story covering all morning. >> gang, good morning, 7:31, skyfox over the scene of this tractor-trailer fire that's banking 95 to a grinding halt here in the fishtown section of philadelphia. all northbound lanes of i-95, closed, at girard avenue, we are looking live from skyfox, of the back-up that goes all the way back through center
7:32 am
city, down toward columbus boulevard. i'm not sure if skyfox can hear us, but if they could swing the opposite way, we could try to get a look at the tractor-trailer accident and fire. >> this all happened about half hour ago in the work zone on the northbound side of 95. skyfox, chopper al up there, chopper ray out there. give them a chance to zoom in. accident happened right at the girard avenue off ramp oh, here we go. okay, looks like, just north of that off ramp, for girard avenue. maybe struck this concrete barrier there, as well. now, as you know, this is that construction zone, in fishtown, where there are no shoulders to go, skyfox, can we see the actual tractor-trailer possibly? to get a look at what was engulfed in flames here? firefighters, responded from the opposite direction, in order to put the flames out there.
7:33 am
we are looking at just the penndot guys, just casino of grabbing the barriers here, but again, northbound lanes of 95, closed, at girard avenue. if you are leaving center city right now, avoid 95, i would go over the ben franklin, go over new jersey on the new jersey side. sunshine, everywhere this morning, we've had a lot of sun glare since early on, i guess the question from suebe we will bring in here next how long is this sunday glare going to hang with us, hopefully for the rest of the week? >> well, we have got for half of the day, how about that? because we do have some clouds that will be rolling in later on, bus stop buddy does have the shades on now, you definitely need them, even with a few clouds out there. temperatures are in the 50's, 60s getting started this morning, we see some clouds specially down in delaware, this is our system sort after precursor to what's happening tonight, but, most of the rain you see in the baltimore-washington area will head south toward saulsbury and avoid us. so, in philadelphia, right now, we have 64 degrees.
7:34 am
#%, early sunshine, clouding up later in the day, we do expect it to be dry for most of the day today. tomorrow is a different story, we will very that forecast mike and alex coming up in just a few. >> 7:34, two more victims from the orlando shooting are speaking out about the horrific ordeal including our intern patience carter. patience spot a lot about feeling guilty, that she survived, and she started off with a poem. >> the guilt of feeling grateful to be alive is heavy. wanting to smile about surviving but not sure if the people around you are ready. as the world mourns, the victims killed, and viciously slain, i feel guilty about screaming about my legs in pain because i could feel nothing. like the other 49, who weren't so lucky to feel this pain of mine. >> it is difficult to watch her pain, because we love her so much. she has been an intern here
7:35 am
for back-to-back semesters, we've got tone know her very well. so is there such a thing as survivor's guilt? of course there is. and we have a licensed therapist and clinical social workers available here, lori, thank for coming? >> thanks for having me. >> what exactly is? why do we feel survivor guilt? >> well, people who have been through really difficult situations like this, experience guilt, because they do feel guilty about being alive. they feel gym bye what they maybe did or did not do during that particular event, they might feel guilt bye even being rescued, and i think patients that did a really great job. she talk about other also this feeling every conflict, wanting to be happy but not sure also if people around her can really hand thal. >> it is weird. i'm happy to be alive. >> yes. >> yet sad about my good friends who are dead. what a conflict. >> what a conflict. >> whether it comes to of course we can't imagine what it is like to be in that
7:36 am
situation, but when it comes to her, i mean, what do you say? how do you handle someone who is dealing with survivor's guilt? >> yes, i think the best thing that we can do particularly in the early stages, is to allow people that space, to experience whatever emotion is coming up for them at that time. >> and you don't use logic, you don't try to rational eyes what she is feeling. >> gentlemen, very much just want to be an active listener almost, almost like a therapist, being present, listen to what she is expecting at that moment just giving that space to her for all of the other survivors. >> and honor what she is feeling. now, she has got another level of guilt she talks about. because she was on her way out with her friends acure a they made it, they could have made it out to the parking lot and everything would have been fine, but they had a friends who was still in the night club. >> tiara. >> and they went back to get her. this is what she had to say. >> me and akira made it outside while gunshots were
7:37 am
still going on, and i said well where is tiara? where is tiara? so and the part of the poem where i feel so guilt bye surviving is because if i would have told a kira to stay outside and just wait, and i try to go back and get tiara, because she didn't make it. me and tiara did make it. >> interesting, yes, akira bled to death in that bathroom. so there was another layer of guilt. >> yes. that's the whole piece about feeling guilty about surviving and then being rescued, not being rescued, that questioning what if i had done this, what if i had done. that will we kind of hear that in her dialogue little bit. >> and the natural reaction for us, we know patience and so many people watching, is this okay, is this normal she is feeling this way. when it comes to having survivor's guilt. >> yes. >> is it normal until. >> it is, it is totally normal >> it could be days or weeks. just really allowing her to be expressive and to share what's going on for her, because it is part of the healing process
7:38 am
for her. >> which is why she wrote the poem. that's part of t let's get to the next part, really just glued to the screen watching her. she expressing what she is feeling. but she talks about what it was like when she was on the bathroom floor. and how she started talking to god. >> i looked across and i could see my best friends on the floor, and akira just looking lifeless, and at that pointy was just like i really don't think i'm going to get out of here, you know, and i made peace with god within myself. i said, now, god, if this is time, if this is my time to go, if this is how i have to go, just please take me, i don't want any more like shots. >> she is a very spiritual young lady and she looked to god. normal. >> very normal. very common. >> i think what i might say to her, would this be helpful that apparently god still has a plan for her and it wasn't
7:39 am
for her to die. >> yes. >> yes, after she survived, yes, definitely. that god does have a plan for her, and there is a larger purpose for her. and i think that deep down she knows that. >> and when it comes, i mean, almost to the point where there is a reason why she is still here. and i think so many people who saw what she had to say it touched us. >> yes. >> and there is a message. >> yes. >> in making sure she knows that fact? >> yes, it is important for her to know that, and also that that comes with time, giving her that space right now, to, you know, grieve and experience whatever it is that is coming up for her, but to give that message, also, that there is a larger, larger plan, because she is spiritual, that works for her, it wouldn't work for every person who maybe doesn't believe in god or a higher power. >> okay. lori, thank you for coming in. excuse my phone. >> very emotional to see her, and of course, we've been keeping in touch with
7:40 am
patience, and you even talked with her yesterday. >> on the phone, yes. >> our prayers certainly with her. if were you in ocean city or philly, you may have met her. >> and i'm sure if future weeks there will be discussions is this a form of ptsd. you know what i mean? lori, thank you for coming in. >> 7:40.
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>> new tiff i can prove, the study look at the effect evergreen are you, like trees, and veg takes, and bodies of water on our well-being. it was concluded that being close to water, that you can actually see, while it lowers your stress, and, in other words, the more you're supposed to water the less stress, of course. so head down the shore as often as you can this summer. i get it, when i moved to the area, hey, every weaken we go down the shore, that's what we do. then we see why you guys are so calm and i'm not. maybe we should start doing. that will clock 43, 606% of people can't go tenements without being deceitful. did you know this? we will put our detective hat on, and tell you how you can
7:44 am
spot a liar every ten minutes.
7:45 am
7:46 am
>> scene the tractor-trailer accident on the northbound side of 95, at girard avenue. now, had happened about half hour ago. look what's on the front of the tractor-trailer. the construction side.
7:47 am
don't go here. >> yes. >> so, obviously, he hit the median, which is right here off ramp, then continued to travel into the construction zone. but no shoulder in the stretch. skyfox, rollback there, the only good thing it happened just north of the construction zone, but, they're pushing everybody off, into fishtown, this is the off ramp for girard avenue, right there, in front of sugarhouse casino. going to the map camera there, northbound lanes of 95 are closed, at center city. they're pushing everybody into downtown. everybody to mike's house for little bright breakfast. coming into center sit a mess to begin with. and, as you head north on 95, right now, bumper to about bumper from callowhill, again pushing everybody into center city, here is a look of what it looks like north of the accident scene.
7:48 am
there is nobody at all heading northbound, of course you have a huge southbound gaper delay, so center city, extra tough, folks good morning g -- coming into downtown, even levering center city, not able to go north on 95. anyone trying to go north, i'm going to suggest you if over one of the bridges. go over to ben franklin, go over to walt whitman bridge, and then use route 130 to go north and hook up with the betsy or the talcony. the only good news, is that it is sunshine today. how long is it going to hang around? sue has the answer coming up in 15. clock 48. looking at some rain, that's very close by. but it seems to be avoiding our viewing area entirely.
7:49 am
we said we want a dry day today, look like that almost harks all of the rain moving out of the baltimore washington area headed down toward the eastern shore of maryland, may clip the southern part of delaware, as it moves through. we've got phillies game tonight, now the phillies lost to the blue jays in toronto last night, well, now toronto comes here, and we are hoping of course for better outcome, but there are cloudy skies, think dry throughout the game, pretty comfortable night as well. and as we 64 degrees in philadelphia, right now, headed to high in the low 80s by the end of the day, showers specially in the morning tomorrow. upper 70s as the sun emerges later in the day, speaking of father day, it is looking pretty good with sunshine and high of 84 degrees. >> my friend nancy glass production company, for over 20 years, she commuted from philly to mid-town manhattan,
7:50 am
via amtrak. >> people have told me that they do this. and i can't imagine. >> and now, even more people are thinking about doing it, because it is cheaper to live here, and it is casino after nicer environment. so it is the old debate. what's getter? philly or new york. >> my offers works in new york city, he can get to new york city where we live montgomery county people from people in long long island. >> yet some people moving, but new research says a lot of people aren't, which is ridiculous, first as information comes from neighborhood x, of your state research and analytic start up, what it finds all millennials want to live in new york city but can't afford it. philly lilts 17th on the list of where millennials want to live. so let's look at this see how crazy you guys, are okay? so start with one bedroom. the rent on the upper will west side, look at that per month, $3,600. rittenhouse square, comparable
7:51 am
neighborhood, like their fancy pants, half that basically. right? look at that. $1,900. still expensive but the very, very fancy place. and a lot of people are saying why not do that? saying still drawn to the one err west side apartment, also like the classic brownstones from brooklyn height, where one bedrooms will run for about $3,000 a month. now, onto new york east village versus fishtown, analysis. >> comparison. >> young creative vibe there, yes, 2900 a month in fishtown, 1600 a month, sorry, 2.9 -- $2,900, fishtown, again, almost half. okay? last when compared, check it out, it is staten island, st. george, they compare this to manayunk. i don't think this compares at all. >> no. >> i think manayunk way cooler than staten island. >> yes. >> look at this, still not going for it.
7:52 am
$1,800, for staten island, 1300 in manayunk. and here is the other thing. the population in new york city growing, $1.2 million, 1.2 million people in the same time that philadelphia, our population rose, by 71,000. so, put it another way. new york sit added enough people to fill up three quarters of philadelphia. and yet they are sitting in new york city, the article says 96% of the mill indians criteria talks about jobs, affordable rent, but they say they didn't want to come here. get this. they don't like our schools. they say weaver more rain chest aunt than in new york city. >> yes, used to be there were no chain restaurant in manhattan. >> not that many, though. >> no. >> you noah neighborhood they should put in there old city. walking other day around around here all of these new apartment buildings being built, what, three, four we can name off the top of our head. >> i bet ten under construction in old city
7:53 am
alone, scan the skyline of philadelphia, see all of the giant construction cranes, highrises going up. >> insane, we could have filled their void literally in new york sit. you saw, i thought about it, i don't know. >> and now the secret is out. >> yes. >> jen, nicely done. >> thank you. >> coming up, spiking of comparison, wawa and sheet comparison, can you come back and do that one? >> it will shock you, because we love our wawa so much. >> is sheets making a in road? give me a head line. >> they like sheet way better than wawa. >> the survey did you? >> yes. >> i didn't do it, i didn't did it. i'm wawa girl, wawa girl. >> i've never even been to sheets. >> well it is usually like beyond the turnpike shall not real any downtown philadelphia. it is like up in the suburbs, but a lot of people say that they like the orders erring better. >> that's a bunch of sheets. >> next, 50% of people can't
7:54 am
go ten minute without being deceitful. >> mike? >> okay, we'll put our detective hats on, see if we can detect a lie out of you with preston and steve. >> and vacation nightmare at the happiest place on earth. a toddler snatched by an alligator at disney worlds. how the boy's father risk his life for his son.
7:55 am
after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it.
7:56 am
curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
7:57 am
>> here we go, 50% of people can't go ten minute without telling a lie. >> and by people, we mean mike jerrick. >> what? >> apparently different ways to spot a liar. any tricks? >> if they're a duch bag, ya. >> specially asking for someone with a answer and they look up, avoid icon tact, that's more like in
7:58 am
interrogating situation. >> right. >> as far as just telling a fib or a fake story, i don't have a go to tell that i can think of. >> my lower lip trembles little bit. and i get this sort of whens full look in my eyes, no, no. listen. >> whistle. >> one behind the other, oh, shucks. >> you know? oh, ya. >> no, but in poker they call that the tell, right? so i'm not good at picking up on. that will but, the list that you sent over, you know, the sort of things, i agree with, in fact, going through the list, it occurs to me that most politicians do what's in that list. >> thirds person? >> exactly. annoying. so they give themselves away with that. >> then also, they're more negative, because they feel guilty? >> that's me. >> what's the big guilt with? mike? what are you so guilty about? >> i know what it is.
7:59 am
>> i'm pretends to go have a great time. >> oh,. >> wow. >> ever that way guys? >> sure. >> like at a party? >> at a party or something. >> that's when i start whistling and i go awe shucks. >> also what he will do, if he says something and he feels about it, he goes i love you, and that's a lie so -- >> apparently liars continue to talk, i mean, talk their way around the issue, and use really long sentences. >> i tell you what's perfect example of that, ever hear kathy's traffic reports? one run on sentence and it is all but lies. >> of the two of you, who is the better liar? >> wow. i don't think i'm a very good liar at all. i don't think i'm very good liar. >> no. >> actually exceptional life. >> that means you don't lie to each other? >> , no i think we do. >> probably do. but i was thinking about that,
8:00 am
you know, that statement every ten minutes, average person can't go ten minute without telling a lie, even though it seems like a lot. about right. >> in the ballpark. some sort of small insignificant un truth, ya. >> you both look great today. >> we love talking to you every wednesday. >> look forward to it. >> favorite part of the day. >> your hair looks natural, mike. >> favorite guy over there is nick. >> oh, very good. >> alex, you'll meet mr. right one day. >> oh, no. you got me. >> actually i've met him already. >> really? >> ya, another guy. >> beautiful. >> straight up 8:00. that's no lie, good day to you it is wednesday june the 15th, 2016. here we go. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. >> boy a vacation nightmare at the happiest place on earth.
8:01 am
a toddler two year old boy at orlando snatched by an alligator in a lagoon? >> cut wrenching story of survival in orlando from one of our own,. >> looking at the souls leaving the bodies of individuals, looking at the killers machine gun throughout my right periphery, looking at the blood and debris covered on everyone's face. >> patience carter with raw emotion shares her physical and emotional pain. >> you lay beside individuals whose lives were taken, the guilt of being alive is heavy. >> the one person who made have been able to stop the shooter. >> heart broken but determined, a local 11 year old loses four grandparent in less than four years. how his way of honoring their memory made him the target of bullies at his school. >> and nfl fathers day
8:02 am
surprise. >> going fishing. >> but not nor the dad. how these pro athlete turn the tables on their kids. >> would need a good positive store. >> another sunny start to the day, going to give you a eight out of ten instead of the ten because we expect extra clouds, by the end of the day, and there are few around this morning, casino every filtered sunshine with bus stop buddy still you need the shades, temperatures are still in the 50's, and 60s, and, there is some rain nearby. that is not here, baltimore washington area, not that far away. but, we don't expect rain today, not until late tonight. so the current temperature, at philadelphia international airport, is now up to 68 degrees. sixty-one mount pocono, 06 in lancaster, we're in the 60s
8:03 am
everywhere temperatures are zooming up rather quickly this morning, clouding up by the end of the day, check out sunset time bob kelly 8:31 going to be a good game to get down to the phillies, 8:03, not good morning for motorist that is use i-95. tractor-trailer, live look from skyfox, trying the construction sign, obviously that he hit in the zone still onment front of the truck, burst into flames. all 95 northbound lanes are closed north of girard avenue. all traffic forced off into the fishtown section, which is right there look at the skidmarks, look like he hit the construction zone here, skid i ascot roadway with flames ends up here, thank goodness another vehicles involved or worse injured in this accident. right now, though, all northbound lanes closed, go
8:04 am
back to the map computer, show you northbound 95, we go to the maps, all lanes are blocked, look what they're doing here, look at this, okay, so turning everybody around and going back to the vine expressway then this is the ramp to bring you into center city, so here's callowhill street. there is penn's landing in the background. anyone north on 95 forks dollars into center city, as well as those folks about a mile's worth of stuck traffic turning them around and sending them back into center city. so if you are getting ready to lever the house right now, forget 95 northbound, here is your best alternate, going across the bridge, forget there is a river, pay the five bucks, the benny or the whitman, take route 130 northbound will bring you back into philly, over the talcony palmyra or the betsy ross.
8:05 am
>> little boy just two years old, missing at walt disney world. after an alligator pulled him into a man-made lake. the orange county sheriff's offers still calling this a search and rescue operation, and say they've not given up hope. fire and wildlife office verse pulled out four alligators since last night, to be tested and analyzed. those gators will have to be youth end eased and simply cut them open, see what evidence they can find. fifty man search team combed the waters overnight with no luck. >> at this particular point in time, not focused on, you know, what's the outcome going to be, right now all we are doing is reserve check hopefully for little boy to bring family some comfort. so not talking about what may happen down the road, we are focus on the here, the now, the today. where we are right now. not going any further than that. >> search stander dollars about 9:00 last night, family, movie night at the grand nor i had yan, sitting near the edge of the seven sees lagoon when
8:06 am
the little boy watts snatched away by the gator, waiting in the water, the boy's father tried his best to get to the he jumped in, tried to get the alligator, but he was unsuccessful. >> hopefully going to be able to take you there because the scene there pulling alligators out of the lagoon and cutting them open to see if the boy is in there, 8:06. we have update now to steve keeley story this morning, out of wilmington, delaware, police now saying out of five people shot overnight near elm and south van buren street, two were teens three were teens and another 12 year old, luckily all just in minor injuries, and were treated. a 37 year old man, also, has minor injuries no word on motive, officials still searching for who is responsible for all that gunfire. >> this morning hearing scheduled for the juveniles charge in the connection with the death of delaware high
8:07 am
school student amy joyner francis. police say 16 year old amy joyner francis was beaten and killed inside a rest room in the howards high school of technology back in april 2 teens charged with third agree criminal conspiracy will be tried as juveniles face to up one year behind bars, another young lady facing homicide charges. >> 8:07. now to the latest on terror attack in orlando. sources tell fox news, shooter omar mateen's wife now about plans for possible attack. fox 29 legal expert ken rotweiler will way in on a few minute, when it comes to those injured, 27 remain in the hospital this morning, with six still in critical condition, five other in guarded condition one of them is one of our own patience carter intern here at fox 29. >> she spoke from incident that happened in that night club.
8:08 am
>> reporter: incredible, she recalled vividly every second of terror that took place in that orlando club, including a moment she said someone actually saved her life, 20 year old wheeled into auditorium by medical staff to speak with reporters from all around the world as she begins to heal from gunshot wounds to the leg, patience said she was on vacation with friends having the time. their lives until everything literally turned into held, held hostage for three # hours, death and gunfire, listen to her accounts every unknown person who saved her. >> thank you, thank you, for saving my life, literally. if it wasn't for that person shielding me it would have been me shot, i wouldn't be sitting here today to talk about it. so after he left us, rang off the last three shot, hey you, pow, pow, pow, started engaging in gunfire after they told him put your women on down, he didn't, so they engage in the gunfire, they got him, they shot him dead. and from that point, because l
8:09 am
wall had exploded, the pipes, there was water starting to rights, i was getting real scared because i was thinking like if i don't get -- if they don't get to me soon or something i might drown sitting here in this water, it was bloody water. >> so surreal, every time you hear it, her friends, picture here, at her west catholic prep graduation, just last week, murray was the youngest of the victims to die. >> she said of course we've been griped by every word that she put out there, feels guilty for surviving with so many died, mike and alex. >> 8:09 now, meantime the terror attack investigation turns to the shooters wife. >> new he was planning to attack this club. >> the reason why he said that because we were hearing from the ex-wife for awhile. now learning more about this woman here, covered her face outside of their florida
8:10 am
apartment say new about her husband's plans and did nothing to stop him reportedly told agent she was with him when he bought the ammo and the gun holster, allegedly drove him to pulse night club to scope it outment likely facing criminal charges also possibly arrest. >> so we bring in legal analyst ken rotweiler here. amazing we are hearing this information, new she was making, yet the fbi saying she we are not saying she is co-conspirator. >> the target of the investigation, so three things that they know she new. here's what she new. she knew he wanted to do attack, he actually told her he wanted to do an attack. then she new he went and bought ammunition and a holster, then went with him when he went to the pulse night club, disney sent, enough right there. she will be arrested probably by the end of the day or the end of the week. what they're trying to do, emmaus enough information. she is actually being cooperative. most of this information is
8:11 am
coming from her, i don't think she is layered up a lawyer would never allow her to speak, so she is giving all of this information voluntarily. >> death penalty in florida. >> i believe they do. >> forty-nine counts. >> forty-nine counts of murder and 53 count every attempted murder. >> should she have called police? >> she could be arrested forayed g and a betting. she new about this stuff. >> what could possibly be her defense? she didn't think he was serious? >> that he beat the heck out of his first wife, and she was afraid of him. >> well, yes, defense lawyers come up with pretty good defenses could also say when we went to the pulse night club, i didn't know he was going to attack that place. >> i just thought he went there. plus the fact, information, he supposedly went to this pulse night club two times a month for the prior two years, waist in there all the time.
8:12 am
she can come up with a story ya, just going by to see what waist going on at the clon. i don't think as believable story. when you match it with all of the other things, i told her he wanted to attack somebody, went out, bought ammunition, then add they were going to the pulse night club, disney sent, add all of those things together, i think two and two is four. i think jury would con cloud she new. >> yes. >> and i think -- >> she could be charged with aiding and a betting, charged with conspiracy, and what's called felony murder. which means, that she will spend the rest of her life in jail if convicted. >> she better. >> forty-nine murders, 53 attempted murder, going away for long time. but i think the fbi is being very careful here, want it get as much information as they can out of her voluntarily, make nice nice with her, make like she is not real a target and slam her. i think will happen quick. >> why they're saying she is not a cosponsor spore tore. >> again i'll say; there a death penalty in florida.
8:13 am
>> i hope they do. >> ken, thank you. >> eighty-three not a veteran, female navy vet is sounding off after this note was left on her car, why she is apologizing this morning. but first jen? >> a guy you will want to meet, what he is doing to help kids and also remember his grandparent, thanks for coming in this morning. be right back.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> jenn fred found a young boy who is doing the same thing, donating his hair. >> in less than four years, andrew hood lost three of his four grandparent to cancer. he watched his nona fight the disease for eight longmont. >> heart broken but determined, andrew wanted to do something, so he told his parent he wanted to grow his hair out, then donate it to kids, who suffered hair lost. kids, who needed his hair, more than he did.
8:17 am
today, he will donate 8 inches of hair to the group children with hair lost. why them? because they give wigs, to kids who can't afford them. >> now we can go to jen outside with andrew. jen? >> hey, guys, good morning to you. >> hello. >> hello, you're a little nervous, flight. >> ya. >> you'll get over that. >> ya. >> talk to me, do you remember the day you decided to grow your hair out. >> ya, couple of my hockey friends, they did it, too. and some of my grandparent, they passed away from cancer. and i decided to help kids with hair lost, by giving them my hair. >> so you've been growing it out. you picked this group, children hair lost, because they only needed 8 inches. >> and we don't have to pay them to make the wigs. >> and you know it will go to a kid who really needs it more than you? >> yes. >> the kids around you, have not always been super nice about it.
8:18 am
right? >> ya. there is this person at my school who called me a caveman t really irritated me. >> ya but you new at the end of the day were you doing this for something bigger than any words that anyone could ever say to you? >> yep. >> you have long hair. how are you feeling with it? >> it is long it can get annoying sometimes when i play hockey, lacrosse, i have to put a a head band onto keep it back. but i think i might kiss the headband good-bye. >> you haven't done a ponytail. >> i hate doing a ponytail. >> you understand with your sister, your mom, everywhere, are going through? >> yes. >> beauty does hurt, thank you very much, andrew, now, you sadly lost four of your grand parent in lace than four years, what do you think your grandparents would be about what you are doing? >> they would be so surprised
8:19 am
their heads would blow up pretty much. they would be so happy for me. >> yes, you watched your parent because it was their parent care for them and their heart were broken and this is casino after making them happy to see that you're honoring their parents? >> yes ready to get your haircut? >> yes. >> okay. what we will do, we will bring in a hair-dresser, truth be told, you have an idea in mind, right? >> yep. >> casino of like an edgey soccer player david beckham look? >> sure. >> people can still give to collar i you have been raising money as well as you'll get your hair kit, go to your mom's facebook page, put it on your mom's website. is that cool? >> perfectly fine. >> if anybody is watching from your school, do you want to say anything? >> high guys. >> you will look different the next time they see you. >> i know, they probably won't even recognize me. >> we might. high five. you said were you nervous, how did you do? >> good. >> okay. you did great.
8:20 am
so we'll get his haircut, see that at 9:30, we start the process at 9:00. >> he did wonderful job, jen. >> yes. >> what a great great story, andrew, that's wonderful what you are doing, we'll check back with you in just a little bit. 8:20, hoverboard safety, new standards that prevent accidents. what you need to look for to make sure that your kids are safe. and vacation nightmare at the happiest place on earth. a toddler snatched by an alligator at disney worlds. then dragged into a lagoon, how the boys father risk his life for his son, and the search for the son this morning. we are going to orlando next.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
(are you ready for a weird one? >> so, this, approved new weight loss procedure oddly called abdominal vomiting. >> excuse me. >> abdominal vomiting, made in king of prussia. doctors say it allows use tears drain the food that's in
8:24 am
their stomachs after they eat, into a sack, that's outside of their body. >> gets rid of call rid, can cost to up $13,000. takes just 15 minute apparently. >> now, i love king of prussia. i was in king of prussia yesterday matter of fact at the mall. >> were you learning about abdominal vomiting? >> no, but we have to have them in tomorrow. >> two things, i want tow to know about it, is it really effective with weight loss, so many people need to lose weight in this country, but couldn't have been a better name? >> abdominal vomiting? >> why don't you come none over here at king of prussia, i'm tell but abdominal vomiting. there has to be better name for this particular procedure. >> what would you name it? >> tummy tossing? >> tummy tossing? >> all right.
8:25 am
>> stomach secretions in. >> serious thing, so i want to learn more about it. >> fda approved, two cups of coffee a day does boost your energy. >> did you know scientists found the effect only valid to up two night of that bad sleep. finding by researchers up to five hours of sleep a night. expert found after three consecutive nights, caffeine lost it effect. >> is that right? well, i never get over more than five hours. >> so don't do it throw nights in a row trying to take your five hour energy shots and everything else, finals week in college, you know, back-to-back to back. >> at least do that stuff called no doz. >> i remember one year i had fines every day. i didn't know what to study for. >> were you a crammer? >> oh, i was cramming. >> i was a cram err.
8:26 am
>> annual fatherhood conference, now, i went through this. high guys. hi, dads. i went through this as a father. coy never figure out how to braid jessica and jill's hair. can you do your daughter's hair? if you had to? peel ' -- we will ' pet you to the test, tell you what the con fronts is all about it after the break.
8:27 am
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in new york state. ♪ ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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>> fathers day surprise, but not for the dads, how these pro athletes turn the tables on their kids. plus, an inspiring message. >> ♪ >> a local high school senior
8:30 am
boys his graduating class, why he chose such a powerful message, and he's going to perform here on good day, in the studio, sue? phillies play at home tonight. none of the rain that we're seeing is making it into the philadelphia area, but it is down if sussex county, delaware, looking little more closely at that coming up. 82 degrees, the high temperature today, nice long day for you, should stay dry for most of us, with sunset at 8:31, and increasing clouds throughout the day. that's your planner for wednesday, and before we earlier in may, we in the the family of tara miller, and their big fundraiser event from melanoma is the make the best of it foundation, tara miller good friend of good day philadelphia she passed away
8:31 am
in 2014 from nel no, ma'am, a but started this foundation before she died to make sure that the cutting edge researchers get the money to get a cure for this particularly deadly form of cancer. i will be at the bash at the tropicana this friday night, go to facebook and look for tara miller foundation. and you will get all of the information you need, and bob kelly, 100% of the money goes right to the research because the family picks up the cost of the celebration. >> my gosh, that's great. 100% of every dollar you spent goes right to the cause. good thing, see you in ac friday night. looking live, 95 northbound, all lanes block, here in center city, all because after early morning accident and tractor-trailer fire. up near girard, traffic forced into and already gridlock center city, 95 north, bumper to bumper from the walt whitman bridge all the way through center city, trying to go north of center city, your
8:32 am
best bet, go over one of the bridges, the benny or the walt whitman bridge, take route 130 north, that will bring you back in over the talcony palmyra. or the betsy ross bridges, just a mess there, north on 95 and construction one lane jammo leaving philadelphia, heading in to south jersey at the moment. mike, back over to you. >> i am getting ready to do alex's hair. after this, all these years, i know not to touch black woman's hair. >> how did i know were you going to do that in seriously. >> welcome to "good day" philadelphia. joel, good to see you my man. hi, everybody else, 11 years we've been doing this fatherhood conference? >> eleven years, and added the young men's conference. >> okay, so is it this weekend? it better be. >> better be. >> 2:00 p.m. at the philadelphia school district building. >> okay. is the daddy daughter dance going to be happening? >> the daddy daughter dance
8:33 am
6:00 to 9:00. >> it is adorable. >> it is adorable. girls all ages, guys from all ages, limousines, pulling up. tee aires everywhere, probably diamonds and magic wands. >> so you have to get your hair done for the daddy daughter dance. >> dad, who are you? >> jones. >> what do you do for a living and your caughter? >> first grader now going to the first grade. >> do you know how to do her hair? >> quick what's had your her name? >> jada. >> oh, look so cute. >> howell would you be? >> how old are you? >> six. >> six. >> are you in first grade? >> yes. >> nice. >> okay. dad, who are you? >> kevin dave us. >> what do you do? >> local re tore. >> who are you? >> sheila davis. >> that would be ooh daughter. >> yes. >> how old are you? >> thirteen. >> what grade are you in? ninth. >> so the dad is here. have you ever done your daughter's hair before? >> yes. >> so you think you know what you are doing?
8:34 am
let ' be honest, whenever my mother would do my hair, we called it the bear chair, he can actually, and i knew the difference when my whom was doing my hair and doing little braids and when my dad was doing it, just saying. >> so what are we going to do here, tiff know any? putting, are we bathing, what are we doing. >> yes, a lot of the fathers actually asked for this case, because single parent or getting ready to school they had to learn either how to do this tape of hair for teenagers or, you know, trying to look cute. >> so are we done here now. >> just getting started. we'll have it cold and put it into couple of of it rent ponytails. >> anbar it? >> anbar it. >> then over here, she has hair similar it mine, so we have to casino of like comb it out, and make sure that the afro is good, the curls are still intact. >> hold on. the combing out the part, i'm tender headed. >> i am, as well.
8:35 am
>> are you tender headed at all? >> no. >> nice thick hair, so do you have slowly comb it out to make sure it is still, you know? >> no tears on the show. >> now the bigger challenge, i think -- >> this is bigger bigger challenge. >> because we have couple of different ponytails, we have the slickness already going. just making sure it is tight enough. >> got to get the hair. >> the outfit, because she is really dressed up, make sure it fit with the outfit. >> are you hearing that? >> are you tender head in the. >> no. >> oh, well then. i'm here. >> we're here. >> so this is one of the many class that is we add the to the conference for that day, just to make sure that parent as fathers, they come, try to get your daughters ready for school. and for the weekends. learning thousand do these, you know, certain type of styles. >> he's concentrating. >> exactly. >> so this hairy idea is new this year?
8:36 am
>> yep, new a lot of parent specially the young fathers asked for this class to make sure that they're not having their daughters weak out little crazy. >> and he talk to me, shared some stories. >> like whatever my style was playing. >> so are ticket still available. >> free, breakfast and lunch include, classes on cooking, classes on co-parenting and getting this right. >> at the convention center so many years, still there? >> no. conferences at the philadelphia school district building. >> sound like wonderful event. >> oh, it will be be great. finished product probably around noon today. no, before 10:00, we'll see how you did. >> no problem. >> coming back here in just a second, kevin heart news. >> what happened inside his
8:37 am
california home that is costing him $500,000. >> the thing is he's got it. >> still, true, not a good thing to happen. ♪
8:39 am
(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them.
8:40 am
(mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> looking good on the left, having issues on the right. >> hold it up. see how you did? >> see, doing good. >> well, keep going. >> better than myself. >> hey, hold it up one more time for the love. >> awe. >> how many do you have to do? >> at least three. kind of like two, three braids, you know, for this type of dress.
8:41 am
>> odd thing, you're artistic. >> i remember i used to have my hair like that growing up. >> did you hear what happened to kevin hart? he was rob. burglar broke into his home taking more than half million dollars of items. the they stole things including jewelry, clothe, watches, totalling more than $500,000. we have learned no one was home at the time of the break-in. right now, authority are investigating surveillance cameras, from the home, for possible leads into suspect, the break-in comes days before his latest film central intelligence premiers in theatres this friday. so some people wondering oh, was it inside job this they new? i guess if you know the film is going coming out, going premiers, if you follow him on snap chat, you know how busy he is. >> well, we come out with new film every friday, new shoes, maybe another set. >> billionaire. >> 84:00; quincy, what are you up to today on this wednesday? >> okay, in west chester,
8:42 am
american helicopter museum and you guys know sunday, fathers day, fathers, you know what fathers like? fathers like drones, and really expensive fast cars. we have this mcclaren i'll get in after the break. i'm a little excited. >> oh, making the face, are you okay, jada. >> do we have a second? >> oh, we have a smile. we have a smile. >> we'll do one more shot with them. when we come back. >> and then we'll let them go. okay? jada's had it! (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
8:43 am
8:44 am
if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
8:45 am
>> the sun sun is shining, probably won't stay bright and sunny the rest of the day, i watch this little pre curse tow tomorrow's rain, just skirting southern delaware, it looks like most of this rain, will miss the philadelphia area, but as we zoom in little bit closer we see eastern maryland, getting some rain this morning, and some of that spreading into sussex county, so that's a quick ' tonight we
8:46 am
have phillies game, still playing toronto, just in town today, instead of toronto, 78 degrees when the game begins coming down from high of 82 degrees, 70s tomorrow with some rain, and then 79 as the sun comes back out on friday, and it is looking pretty good, for fathers day weekend. with highs in the mid 80s, on sunday, gift, just for dads. that's a look at your seven day forecast, alex and mike? >> maybe see jada. >> yes, turn her around. >> turn her head little bit. >> turn around, so you can see the back? er. >> nice. >> she is red. >> i oh, looks good, looks good. >> happy fathers day father. >> thank up, all styled and ready to go. >> thank you. >> thank you. okay, want something tolls do for father day? this will be cool.
8:47 am
>> specially if you want to do something different. pay attention, live at the american helicopter museum and education center, west chester. >> we love to have fun over here, this sunday, robin, you can come in here with our fathers i'm a father. so some of my best friends are father. what's happening here? >> fathers day, helicopter rides, games, and drones antique cars, everything for everyone in the family. >> i'm also hearing father sometimes like to have fear? >> for the first time ever having a beer garden and wine. , food trucks, games for the little ones, who live and the twist contest. >> robin, super excited. we have daniel from sky here solutions, daniel, you teach people how to drive drones, correct? >> yes, i talk to you last year, remember? >> talk to me a little bit, yes. so what can we do?
8:48 am
>> well, from fist, and fight, joe warwick from high school nearby will be helping people learn how to fly drones, will be side by side with him, public will have a chance, have a chance to watch. >> drone wasting small ones side by side. >> see live video feeds from drones in the air also. >> what i would like to you do, i'm going to put mine grenitch, the camera guy, technical engineer on call right now. what we will do, hop in this mcclaren, maybe you can drive the drone over the mcclaren, and follow us, so we can see little bit, okay? okay, mike, we got that. >> around 215 to 220. >> how fast does it go? >> is her tow 60 will hit it in 3rd, and zero to 100 in 6.3
8:49 am
>> i'm ready for this. >> this is cool. >> oh, boy. you got it right to your right. >> okay. >> got it? >> safety first, how fast will we go? >> i think we will hit 150. >> we'll try to have it. >> try to hit 150. >> safely. >> the. >> oh, my god. >> get the windows up. >> going to cross the roadway see how long his mike will hole on here. >> actually do not need folger's when you do there is you wake up in the morning. >> oh, my gosh. >> lost his sounds. >> the last thing we heard was him screaming. >> look at the drone follows, you see? >> that's pretty cool, have your video to show your kids what you did, turn around the corn their. >> again, i got a change holder made out of pop sing sickle stings.
8:50 am
he's going 150 miles an hour in a motorcycle collar glenn look how fastest's going. >> even though girls i loved it. >> pretty cool. pretty cool. i wonder how loudest's screaming right now? >> and, a good thing, we gave, in fact, only his laundryman will know how scare he is. >> and his wife, sure. >> we want to get you down to orlando, florida, what happened last evening about 9:30. a little boy, two years old, snatched by an alligator and drabbing into lagoon, we'll take you there live, because there is an update, they're pulling alligators out that far lagoon.
8:51 am
8:52 am
♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me, no no,♪ ♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider,♪ ♪yeaaahh... ♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me nooo♪ ♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight riiiiiiiideer!♪
8:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:54 am
>> little boy two years old went missing, after waiting in the water, an alligator pulled him, drag them into man-made lake, joins us live, at the walt disney resort? >> on the walt disney worlds, golf course, not very close to the grand floridian hotel at all which is exactly where it happened. what happened was about 9:20 last night, gator snatched the little boy and crews searched for him all night long as the sun came up, orange county sheriff's ops told us they did not find him overnight so putting fresh eyes on the water this morning, you guys, they it, however, yank four alligators out of the seven seas lagoon, going to euthanize those animals, but they don't believe those are the greatest, those are the geathers that attack that little boy. talking about a two year old hire, from nebraska, vacationing with his family of five.
8:55 am
al relaxing on the seven cease lagoon, boy waded into the beach about a quarter or so, dad nearby, but the gator swam up, and nabbed him, dragged him into the water, the dad tried to go in after him and get the little boy, but he wasn't able to. did get few scratches on his arm, from that alligator, but, wasn't able to save his little boy, and that alligator swam away with him. >> what officials are saying sometimes you get the worse but they are hoping this morning, for the best, they say, they're going to keep on searching for that little boy, they have no plans of quitting, they hope to find him, and they have no plans of stopping. >> reporting live in orlando, on the walt disney world property, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> we know this happened about 9:00 p.m. last night, do we know this morning still searching throughout the night. is it still a search and rescue mission there at the lagoon? >> you know, last night they called it a search and recovery there is morning they call it search and rescue, we
8:56 am
in the news business know what the difference; in one case, they are looking for, hoping to find someone alive in one case they're not. but remaining hopeful here, they say they won't quit until they finds this algate orr, you guys, isn't uncommon for officials here in florida to find a gate their has attacked a human. so, that is certainly possible. and it certainly is possible in just matter of hours, so, it could happen. >> thank you for that report. actually staying on the golf course, and quite often see alligators walk out on to the course and do you have stop playing. >> showed us video couple of weeks ago. >> yes, a huge one, matter of fact. >> okay, i was just on the phone with our intern, patience, carter, down in florida. >> how is she? >> in and out, casino of groggy, but wants to common and talk to everybody who has been sending her good wishes from the philadelphia area. so we will get her on the phone and talk to her, she says some news outlets have
8:57 am
been misconstruing some of her comments that she made in that 20 minute press conference yesterday. so she want to clear it out. it just is one heart break on top of another. so we will talk to patience, after the break. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn.
8:58 am
brookside. talk about delicious.
8:59 am
9:00 am
one beautiful day, this wednesday, june the 15th, 2016. help owe, trenton, new jersey. the golden dome. here's our goal end dome, karen l hepp. >> i'm surprised, good morning to all of you, thanks for joining us, morning. >> i love that dress. you look fantastic. >> thank you, summer. >> oh, this is little seahorse dress that i like. >> really? >> have you ever seen seahorses giving birth? >> oh,


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